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Wander The Wonder - India

India is a land of cultures, traditions & diversities which makes you believe in a spirit of purity of mind.

Visit this wonderland & explore its finest places.

Puppet India Tours will make your trip worth remembering.

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We excel in various services like tour packages and wedding events.

Puppet India Tours will provide you assistance in planning and executing you next tour to India

  • Rajasthani Regional Tours
  • Spiritual and Well-Being Tours
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  •  Wedding Events
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Cultural & Heritage Tours

India has many Cultures and Traditions. Each Culture is unique and magnificient in its own way.

One wants to understand India, one has exlpore its cultures.

Spiritual & Pilgrimage Tours

From North to South and East to West of India, you will encounter various pilgrimage centers and Temples of Meditation.

The Gift of Meditation to World, India is a center of Spiritual Sensation


Rajasthani Regional Tours

Rajasthan reflects the old Rajputana Aura in its lifestyle.

Huge Palaces, Giant Forts & Beautiful Mahals shows Rajasthani Art and Architecture Excellence